Black Box Wines – Yum In A Box

We can all agree that few things taste better at the end of a long day than a nice glass of fine wine.  Unfortunately, we can also all agree that a glass of fine wine isn’t always in the budget.  So what’s a girl to do?  Slum it with cheapo wine (mmm, two buck Chuck….) or forgo the treat altogether and find solace in your man’s Miller Lite? Nope – find a middle ground in Black Box Wines.  Tasty, good quality wine at a reasonable price, plus the convenience of tapping a single glass at a time.

Black Box will make you reconsider your opinion of boxed wine. With the smooth, mellow taste of a good 8 buck a bottle wine, it makes it almost too easy to have a glass (uh, or two…).  Plus you don’t need to worry about corking it to keep the leftovers.  The sleek black box will patiently sit on your counter top to wait for your return.

I particularly recommend the Malbec – I’m sipping it right now and I must say it makes for a delicious drink.


Mesh Baby Feeder

For those of you without babies, and probably some of you with babies, the title of this post makes no sense.  But if you’ve ever wanted to feed your baby something like a ripe pear without making a big ol’ bowl of pear mash, you recognize the need here.  These thingies are little mesh pouches with a plastic handle on them.  Pretty simple, but totally awesome.  You put something tasty that your kiddo isn’t quite old enough to handle on it’s own (like a choking-hazard grape, or slippery pear) in the pouch, hand to child, and voila!  Enjoy two uninterrupted seconds to do something frivolous, like make dinner. Your baby will squish it in her mouth and suck the molecules of food through the mesh holes.

While this tool isn’t nearly what I would call a necessity, it’s pretty handy.  Especially if your kid wants to eat but doesn’t seem keen on spoons.  Like someone I know….ahem.  There are several brands, we’ve used both the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder and Baby Safe Feeder brands.  In my opinion, the Baby Safe one is superior just for ease of cleaning.  But really, either one is a bit of a pain to clean (especially when it comes to bananas it seems).  If you have babies (or are looking for a baby shower gift) I’d say give one of these a try.

Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin

I wouldn’t ordinarily rush out to say that I have sensitive skin.  I mean I get some redness from time to time, but nothing particularly notable.  I generally chalk up any imperfections in my skin to the fact that I have two small children (two and a half and 7 months old), and haven’t slept through the night in, oh, about 8 months.  Plus I’m not what you’d call high maintenance – no fancy (read expensive) creams or potions.  Most days I wear no makeup.  The glamorous life of a stay at home mom.

So when I got an offer from BzzAgent to try out Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin, I almost turned it down.  But, hey, why not try it?  Especially when it’s free.  Plus I think very highly of the Burt’s Bees folks – their diaper cream is a miracle in a tube.

I’ve been using the Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream for a few weeks now, and I love it.  The constant hints of redness on my cheeks are gone, but even better than that, my face just feels softer and happier.  And I like the packaging – the pump dispenser makes it easy to get just enough.  Plus I love the (lack of) fragrance – I don’t want my face to smell like a perfume counter.  Good work Burt’s Bees, I might have to check out your night and eye creams next.

Welcome to Trooque

In French, the word ‘truc’ means thing, item, nick-nack, stuff.

As minimalist as some of us are, you still need some stuff.  We’re here to help guide you to the good stuff, les bons trucs.

And let’s have a little fun with it, shall we?

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