Black Box Wines – Yum In A Box

We can all agree that few things taste better at the end of a long day than a nice glass of fine wine.  Unfortunately, we can also all agree that a glass of fine wine isn’t always in the budget.  So what’s a girl to do?  Slum it with cheapo wine (mmm, two buck Chuck….) or forgo the treat altogether and find solace in your man’s Miller Lite? Nope – find a middle ground in Black Box Wines.  Tasty, good quality wine at a reasonable price, plus the convenience of tapping a single glass at a time.

Black Box will make you reconsider your opinion of boxed wine. With the smooth, mellow taste of a good 8 buck a bottle wine, it makes it almost too easy to have a glass (uh, or two…).  Plus you don’t need to worry about corking it to keep the leftovers.  The sleek black box will patiently sit on your counter top to wait for your return.

I particularly recommend the Malbec – I’m sipping it right now and I must say it makes for a delicious drink.


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